By Neil Friedman on Feb 10, 2012 at 08:29 AM in Helpful Resources
Mindfulness can be very helpful in distress tolerance

Mindfulness is a state of awareness that can enhance one's life as well as contribute to emotion regulation and distress tolerance.  It involves focusing on the here and now without judgement.  When this occurs, contact with the environment is enhanced which frees up problem solving and allows the wise mind to determine what is most effective in the moment to follow through with goal directed behavior and to avoid the emotion mind to direct one's behavior based on mood.  In this way, one can use their resources to take care of themselves and their feelings rather than letting their feelings dictate what decisions to make on a moment to moment basis.

Neil Friedman, Santa Barbara Therapist

Neil Friedman, LCSW

I have an eclectic, holistic approach in working with people. I believe in helping people recognize and utilize their strengths to overcome any challenge they might face. In this process, we can explore any unconscious blocks that might be interfering with connecting with others and their environment to make the most of each moment. I believe that the “here and now” is where we experience life to the fullest. Along these lines, I try to help people find the balance between their emotional and reasonable minds to effectively problem solve issues to be addressed.

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