Santa Barbara Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

A careful assessment should be conducted to explore the root cause of one’s anxiety and/or depression.  Often, there is a medical condition or side effects from other medications that might be aggravating these symptoms. In addition, it is often helpful to consult a physician or psychiatrist to determine if medications might be needed.

Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness often accompany these problems. In addition, people lose a sense of their strengths and are bombarded with negative self statements that add to their distress. Therapy can add a new perspective of how people can determine which expectations they want to fulfill and how to break these expectations into attainable steps to accomplish their goals. In this process, negative thought processes  can be discovered and worked through to facilitate a new way of evaluating what is most effective and to contain the destructive  judgmental  messages that people carry from their past.

Exploring strategies to move beyond the natural response to withdraw from engaging from meaningful activities is another important aspect of therapy.  One’s connection to their environment and creativity are very important to help facilitate one’s recovery. Cognitive Behavioral therapy and hypnosis are two important therapies that are effective in this process.  

Neil Friedman, Santa Barbara Therapist

Neil Friedman, LCSW

I have an eclectic, holistic approach in working with people. I believe in helping people recognize and utilize their strengths to overcome any challenge they might face. In this process, we can explore any unconscious blocks that might be interfering with connecting with others and their environment to make the most of each moment. I believe that the “here and now” is where we experience life to the fullest. Along these lines, I try to help people find the balance between their emotional and reasonable minds to effectively problem solve issues to be addressed.

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