Energetic Healing with Tibetan and Crystal Healing Bowls

Tibetan and Crystal Healing Bowls

Finding Psychological Balance through Energetic Healing

Tibetan Healing Bowls

I have recently become interested in the use of Tibetan and Crystal Healing Bowls to augment the therapeutic process.  There has been much research pointing to the positive effects of the different tones produced by healing bowl to help people overcome several different inflictions, such as PTSD and Generalized Anxiety. 

Mindfulness is an integral part of the therapy experience provided by many therapists.  The sounds and vibrations of these bowls can help people connect with the present and use this experience to add to their coping skills to deal with distress and manage uncomfortable feelings.

Tibetan Healing Bowls Used in Santa Barbara Therapy

Given that the mind and body are intrinsically inter-connected, balancing the electro-magnetic energy of the body can be of great psychological benefit.  By using the Eastern practices originating in Tibet and India, this energy can be shifted through the use of Tibetan healing bowls and crystal healing bowls.   Physical and emotional blockages can be released to provide a more free flowing energy to help the body heal more efficiently.  In addition, Tibetan bowls can be used to help people achieve states of relaxation through helping people transition into the para-sympathetic nervous system.  The vibrations created by these instruments can be very soothing and can relieve distress from anxiety and PTSD.

Neil Friedman, Santa Barbara Therapist

Neil Friedman, LCSW

I have an eclectic, holistic approach in working with people. I believe in helping people recognize and utilize their strengths to overcome any challenge they might face. In this process, we can explore any unconscious blocks that might be interfering with connecting with others and their environment to make the most of each moment. I believe that the “here and now” is where we experience life to the fullest. Along these lines, I try to help people find the balance between their emotional and reasonable minds to effectively problem solve issues to be addressed.

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